Best stand mixer 2019 – Top reviews and comparisons


One of the most important kitchen utensils is the mixer which works with gear-driven machinery for creating a rotation of beaters. It performs the important functions of beating and stirring food. While you are a housewife, mother or a master chef in a restaurant, you require a good dough mixer for cooking and baking recipes. The mixer is a need for every kitchen and every individual who knows the worth of time. A mixer not only saves time by mixing a lot of ingredients in few seconds. We cannot deny the importance of what the best kitchen mixer can do for you.

There are several companies that are selling different brands of mixers for kitchen usage from a KitchenAid stand mixer, Cuisinart stand mixer or Hamilton Beach stand mixer. You might be thinking and getting confused which one is the best stand mixer and which one should you purchase for reducing the stress created by your old mixer. The kitchen mixer helps people who are struggling to find the best machine for their kitchen work. We are here to give you a review of mixers, so you can choose the best affordable stand mixer with confidence without regretting spending money.

Here is a complete guide of the best kitchen mixer reviews for you. This will help you in making the right decision of purchasing the best mixer.



Top 10 Best Stand Mixers of 2019 comparison table:

Take a look and compare through the table of the top ten stand mixers. Click through to read the full review. 


Stand Mixer Model
Quart Capacity
Mixer SpeedsWarranty RatingPrice
KitchenAid Artisan

KitchenAid Artisan
10 speeds1 year(4.6/5.0)$$

Cuisinart Stand Mixer
5 1/2QT
12 speeds3 year(4.4/5.0)$$
Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Classic Mixer
6 speeds w/Quick burst button1 year(3.8/5.0)$
KitchenAid Professional

KitchenAid Professional 600
10 speeds1 year(4.4/5.0)$$$
Sunbeam stand and hand mixer

Sunbeam Hand & Stand Mixer
5 speeds w/Power burst button1 year(4.2/5.0)$
KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Classic
10 speeds1 year(4.7/5.0)$$
Cheftronic Stand Mixer

6 speeds w/Pulse 1 year(4.5/5.0)$$
Breville Scraper Stand Mixer Pro

Breville Scraper Stand Mixer Pro
12 speeds1 year(4.5/5.0)$$
Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
4 speeds w/Quick pulse3 year(4.6/5.0)$$$$
KitchenAid Artisan Mini

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer
10 speeds1 year(4.7/5.0)$$






What to look for in the best stand mixer?


Attachments of Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer are available in the market with many attachments. Paddle attachment, whisk attachment and dough hook are the most important attachments of a stand mixture. Here is a detail of all these three attachments.


Paddle Attachment

Paddle Attachment

Paddle attachment is a solution for people who prefer using a machine which does not whip air in ingredients. This attachment of the stand mixer perfectly mixes the ingredients with no attempt of pounding air into the ingredients. Mixing cream butter and sugar within few minutes with paddle attachment will create a light and fluffy mixture required for making delicious frosting for cakes or pastries.


Whisk Attachment

Whisk Attachment


The whisk attachment is good for whisking eggs with this kitchen mixer but if you would compare whipping air into the things with a paddle attachment then you must not choose whisk attachment. It whips air into ingredients and therefore, it is used for making meringue which is whipping egg whites and sugar for cake topping. Whipping a bowl of heavy cream is also the easy task with the whisk attachment of hand mixer.



Dough Hook

Dough Attachment

Busy housewives and chefs always look for completing more tasks within a short time. Kneading dough is one of the time taking tasks. Stand mixture can perform another difficult task of kneading the bread or pizza dough by its dough hook. The is no need to worry about finding time for kneading dough and waiting for its rise. Now you just have to combine water, milk, sugar and yeast. Then start the best mixer for doing its job. It performs kneading the dough in several minutes and prepares perfect dough that you can use for your recipe.

Beating, kneading, and mixing is possible through stand mixer without longer than a few minutes. It is also suitable for all the recipes that include step by step mixing procedure.

Dough hooks, beater, and whisks are the three attachments of a hand mixer. They perform the same job as mentioned earlier. 
Here are more Kitchen mixer reviews for you to thinking more before selection and purchasing the mixer. 


Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer can rise into mixing position and lowering for removing the mixing bowl. The way it works is the bowl stays in a stationary position and the attachment rotates as the arm of the machine revolves around. Take a look below at the video to see it in action. Different attachments are available with this mixture which includes paddle, dough hook, and other attachments. Full floor models and tabletop models come in planetary mixers which give an opportunity to the customers to buy according to their choice. Table models come in 30 quarts or less than that and floor models come in a range of 40-80 or more than that. Many other models come in different speed capacity. Greater versatility of planetary mixer makes it famous among bakery chefs.



Spiral Mixer

The gentle mixing capacity of spiral mixer kitchen mixer makes it unique. The mixer kneads the dough by spiral hook and gives it a perfect shape and texture. The lower friction of heat creates a homogenous mix. The mixer comes in many sizes ranging from 30-180. Moreover, removable bowl and trolley which makes the mixer easy to transport are the two benefits liked by people who use it on a regular basis.  There is no interchangeable attachment and the mixer can handle the variety of types of dough.



Blender is another kind of mixer that is used for blending liquids and pureeing so if you want to make a soft and creamy liquid for a smoothie or soup then you should use a good blender. Adding liquid in ingredients is very necessary for using a blender as the blades of blender makes a mixer through a liquid. It can burn the motor of the mixer if you would follow the instruction of using a blender properly.

Planning a dinner with friends at home and making recipes of thinner consistency is easy with a blender. Hot liquid can also damage the function of a blender as the steam of the hot liquid can blow the top off the machine and you would see a mess in the kitchen. It is good that you would first maintain the temperature of liquids such as soup for blending it and giving a final touch. A food processor is famous for preparing the thicker mixture.

Blender is also used for emulsification which means that you can combine fat and liquid for making the thicker and creamier mixture for a recipe. First, add vinegar and start the blender and then add oil and operate the best mixer for a fast function of blades. You can easily make a sauce with blender and enjoy the taste with its consistency.

Choose Immersion Blender if you want to prepare a chunky consistency for the recipe. It comes with hand-held functions and same blades which create the chunky sauce for cooking or any other dish. Therefore, don’t use it for making tomato sauce or apple sauce. Now blending onions, tomatoes, or any other vegetable during cooking is not difficult as immersion blender can blend it for you. Blending hot mixture is also possible with the immersion blender.


The two types of stand mixers are:


  1. Tilt-head Stand Mixers
  2. Bowl-lift Stand Mixer

Tilt-head stand mixer has head tilted which takes the bowl out and Bowl-life stands mixer turns its handle lowers and raises the bowl while head does not tilt.

Tilt-head Stand Mixers

Tilt Head

The Tilt-head stand mixer includes different models of tilt-head mixers. The motor power of these mixers is 250, 275, 300, and 325-watt. The motor power depends on the model of the mixer. The gears speed of all KitchenAid Models is 10. The bowl size of KitchenAid is 4.5-5 quarts which are different according to each model. Flour power of the product is 8-9 cups. The bread mixing power is 4-4.5 loaves of bread.

  • Tilt-head Stand Mixers are cheaper and light in weight with a total weight of 25 pounds.
  • The product is light in height with 14 inches when the head id not tilted in a backward position. The position fits the machine between cabinet in the kitchen. It requires clearance on above side of the mixer to tilt the head open so you cannot operate it in the space of the cabinet. You must pull it out the cabinet or you have to keep it out of the cabinet for usage.
  • Cleaning the rubber spatula is very easy once you tilt the head back and let the batter drip in the mixing bowl.
  • Scrap the bowl easily after tilting the head back. There is no need of removing the part.
  • There is no need to remove the batter whisk as you can the head back and remove the mixing bowl.
  • Tilt-head Stand Mixers are ideal for the small family as they are less powerful and suitable for mixing fewer amounts of things. It is suitable for small quantities such as 4.5 loaves of bread mixture.
  • The gears of Tilt-head Stand Mixers are not all steel.
  • It is available in Nylon coated beaters and burnished metal beaters.
  • It does not include an electronic speed sensor.


Bowl-lift Stand Mixer


Bowl Lift

Different models of bowl lift mixers include the  KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Copper Pearl and  KitchenAid 8-Qt Commercial Mixer Onyx Black. The power of the motor depends on the model of the mixture. Moreover, the bowl size of KitchenAid is 4.5-8 quarts depending on each model. Flour power of the product is 8-14 cups. The bread mixing power of this best mixer is 4-4.8 loaves of bread



  • Bowl lift mixers are more expensive than Tilt-head Stand Mixer.
  • The weight of bowl lift mixers are around 30 pounds which is much heavier.
  • It is 16.5 inches tall in height and sometimes it comes in more height.  This makes it difficult to fit in between the top counter of the cabinet.
  • It is difficult to get the batter off the beater at the time when it is attached to the head of the mixer. You have to lower the bowl and use a spatula for cleaning the beater. The process of cleaning is not much difficult.
  • Losen the attachments by lowering the bowl and then reduce the gap between the head of the mixer and bowl. Perform this step before removing the bowl. Title head model takes much effort in removing the bowl.
  • The models are made for commercial use as they are very powerful for using it for mixing cream, butter, and other things.
  • It is very large for small things so it’s better to use for mixing large amount of eggs.
  • The bowl lift mixers come in a nylon coated beater.
  • It comes in built-in electronic speed sensor and it is available in the market.


Colors of Mixers




Different brands come in different colors. The popular KitchenAid mixer colors can come in yellow paper, shiny yellow bell paper, shiny red, candy apple red, dark and shiny black, and shiny white colored mixers are very famous nowadays in the market.  They look very beautiful in the kitchen cabinet as these bright and bold colors increase the looks of your kitchen. Majority of the products come with one year warranty and a good price. 



Our picks of the top 3 stand mixers

Here are some short reviews of the best stand mixers available,  click through to view the full description. 



KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

A combination of quality specifications makes the KitchenAid Artisan a superb product. With a bowl large enough to accommodate a batch that can make 4 loaves of bread or 9 dozens of cookies, this mixer is your ideal choice.

The 5-quart stainless steel bowl is easily accessible due to the tilt design of the head. You can add ingredients to the beater allowing desired recipes. The bowl also has a comfortable handle, over 15 optional attachments that are available and are turned by a powerful hub. KitchenAid Artisan can stir dry and wet ingredients, knead dough, or whip cream. Every task is facilitated by coated dough hook and a flat beat (dishwasher safe), as well as a 6-wire whip. A pouring shield is also included and you can pick among 20 colors the mixer comes in.




Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand MixerHamilton Beach Classic

The Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer wins many with it’s versatility. It has duo classic beaters, dough hooks as well as a whisk ensure you get a great kitchen counterpart.

This mixer combines a power peak of 290W and 6 speeds with a quick burst button to easily deliver quick, desired results. This means you can get very fine results from the mixer. A 4-quart shift and stir bowl leaves room, allowing you to add ingredients as mixing continues. You can also use the mixer as a hand mixer on a different bowl by just separating it from its bowl. This is probably the best stand mixer under $100.




KitchenAid Professional 600KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Bowl Life Stand Mixer

A mixer that can complete big tasks with ease. The 600 series of the KitchenAid Professional has a powerful 575 watt motor to turn a multipurpose attachment hub that allows more than 15 optional attachments.

The Professional 600 comes with a 6-quart steel bowl to assist in finishing large tasks. This is a 10-speed mixer with a direct drive transmission designed to produce fine results.

The burnished flat beater and a power knead spiral dough hook as well as a wire whip, complement the working of this mixer. A range of more than 10 colors is available for you to choose from.



Where can we purchase it from?

The busy routine of the modern world does not give chance to people to take time and buying home accessories. However, you cannot work appropriately in a kitchen without a kitchen mixer. You need it while cooking for lunch or dinner or making the milkshake for breakfast or snack time. Fortunately, online buying options have made the things so easy that you can buy any good product from a good company with its online purchasing services. You do not need to go to the shop because you can pay the amount online through credit card and buy the product and possibly find a stand mixers on sale.

Now has given you all the required stand mixer reviews, so you can purchase the one that suits your need.