Breville Scraper Stand Mixer Pro

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Stand Mixer Pro 

Breville Scraper Stand Mixer

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Baking regular will be stressless with having a well-structured and standard mixer. An international producer of appliance for the kitchen with their base in Australia are known for bringing unique quality to kitchen appliances, and one their famous equipment for baking is the stand mixer.

The features present in this mixer encompasses all the bonus of other mixers around. scraper mixer is a combination of attractive, innovative technological improvement and several seek function. With the provision of power for difficult work, the work it performs makes it a standard model and its assurance for convenience make the mixer a delight for users.







Compared to a lot of common stand mixer, this Breville product consists of a paddle that is for creaming and mixing, alongside with a dough hook used for mixing and kneading strong batters and also a whisk used for egg white and cream whipping. Inclusively, this mixer is endued with a bendable edge beater which totally resembles the paddle attachment, the difference is that it has a rubber border which slides through the bottom and edge of the container to achieve the best batter. 



Two key features of scraper mixer to maintain your neatness when baking are a splashguard and a steady start. The setting with the lowest speed gets the ingredients folded, in other for them not to puff off or splash on your face. although the splashguard looks a bit flakes but when it is firm it returns any splashing ingredient back to the bowl.


The Specifications

· the Aerate setting and the wire whip is amazing because it contains an automatic shutoff which located on the timer, this means that you can leave the equipment to do its work with necessarily monitoring it.

· the beat or cream setting and flat beater which helps in mixing ingredients such as pumpkin, dry ingredients and eggs easily

· the scraper beater helps to give a well softened minced garlic, chives, butter and blue cheese with no sign of lumps

· five quart stainless steel container

· it has a lift handle that assist maneuvering and handling easily

· a LCD screen which posses a timer to enable a countdown


A lot of people who has bought the product on Amazon had this common comment which is: the scrapper mixer saves time and ends the unwanted frustration. The scraper beater features perform its job as claimed, this product neatly scrapes the container when making frosting and creaming the ingredients


The scraper Mixer pro has more than 262 customer review presently on the with over 78% of its buyers giving a 5-star rating, 8% gives a 4 star, 4% gives 3 stars, 5% gives 2 stars and 9% of its buyers gives 1-star rating. This sum up to an average of 4.5 out of 5-star rating


Although the mixer is very bad for doughs kneading which was stated by some buyers but you can always buy a kitchen aid which has attachment fot sausage, pasta and meating grinding.


This is obviously a worthwhile equipment to have in your kitchen, it provides the necessary help you need when baking.


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