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Sunbeam 5-speed Stand and Hand Mixer Combo


Sunbeam stand and hand mixer

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       Are you planning to invest in a good mixer? Well, in that case, the Sunbeam 5 speed hand and stand mixer combo can be a great pick. If you have a household like mine and if you’re looking to make doughs and bases, nothing can work better than this mixer. This mixer from Sunbeam, helps you to mash and beat virtually anything under the sun.

My old mixer was having issues. It was not blending heavy loads properly and was also making weird sounds. It was then when I stumbled upon this product from Sunbeam after a long drawn session of research. Although I was a little skeptical at the beginning, after a couple of uses, I realized that this product is truly worth your money. It not only blends stuff fast, but it is easy to clean. In case you’re still wondering if you should get this product- here’s a detailed review that’ll help you out.


Dual function mixer

Of all the features of this mixer, one of the best things that I like about it is the dual function. Yes. Just one simple touch, your stand mixer will convert to hand one and will get your lighter stuff done efficiently. So not only could I use this mixer for the heavier tasks like making a dough, but I could also use it for the lighter things like sorbet mixes, dips and sauces. 


5 speed mixing and 250 watts motor

Another feature that really impressed me is the 5 speed mixing ability and the high torque power base backed by the cyclonic action. The 5 speed mixing lets you mix and whip almost anything according to your convenience. The motor too is particularly efficient with 250 watt power and it runs flawlessly when it comes to grinding and mixing the relatively thicker items like frozen delights and nut butters. 



Equipped with a 250 watt motor. 

Comes with 5 speeds and a heel to rest design. 

Comes with dough hooks and chrome beaters. 

Equipped with a dual function that makes it a great hand mixer and stand mixer. 

Comes with 3 quart stainless steel bowls. 


What makes this product great? 

Of all the features, one of the best things that people love about this product is the dual function ability. With this dual function, the stand mixer will convert to hand mixer at one touch. So you can prepare the heavier bases and the lighter stuff with the same mixer. 


Customer reviews of the product

The product has been rated 4 stars by customers and it currently comes with 987 customer reviews. Almost all the reviews deem this product as an excellent one considering its features, tweaks and compact structure. 


Some customers have pointed out that the buttons are slightly difficult to push. This makes it a little inconvenient to switch between the speeds and the modes of this mixer. 


The issue however is not that big to overshadow the benefits that the product comes with. The dual function mode, 5 speed action, compact structure and useful accessories make this product totally worth your money. 


I am really confident about the product because I have been using this for long and the features have been really impressive. The mixer whipped and mixed my bases exceptionally well. So I would recommend this product to everyone. 


On a final note

The dual function mode, 5 speed function and viable accessories make this mixer worth a shot. The 3 quart stainless steel bowls, dough hookers and chrome plated beaters make baking tad easier for me. So if you’re someone who enjoys baking like me, this is one mixer where you cannot get wrong. 


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