Which is the best mixer to give as a gift?



Give the gift of a stand mixer


Gift shopping for your loved ones can sometimes be difficult. You want to give a meaningful gift, but nothing can quite convey the message that you want the person to know.

You don’t want to give something that is quickly chucked away, or something that’s solely for utility purposes (like an ironing board or something). The gift has to make the person’s life better in some way, and the person would be excited to receive it.

Stad mixer giftIt’s very tricky to shop for gifts, but we think stand mixers make the best one for anyone that enjoys or wants to pick up baking or cooking. Who knows, maybe even someone that doesn’t enjoy baking or cooking might change his/her mind after being equipped with the right tools. These are some reasons why you should go get a stand mixer now, along with recommendations for the right model to match the right person.

Baking is a sensitive task that requires precision and accuracy. Just a slight deviation might produce drastically different results. That’s why it is important to use equipment that works for you.


A sturdy and powerful stand mixer makes it reliable to get the results that you want. A good example would be the Cusinart Stand Mixer. It runs on a 500-watt motor with 12 speed variations for the specific mixing power that you need. And it comes with a splash guard too, so you can save time from cleaning up the mess. Mothers and grandmas would love this stand mixer for its many features that support all kinds of tasks; and it’s well-constructed and durable too, so it can last for a really long time. The wobbly plastic ones that they used to get would become completely obsolete next to this one.

For beginner bakers, the KitchenAid Artisan Design Series would be a good option. Unlike experienced bakers that can estimate the amount of ingredients to throw in, those just starting out need to measure everything out. The 5 quart glass bowl that comes with measurement markings allows you to skip a step of measuring before pouring it in to mix. For recipes that require precise measurements, this would come in very handy. And of course, it looks really good in the kitchen! A beginner baker can always use a little extra aesthetic motivation.


It inspires creativity!



Stand mixers these days are no longer just for baking. Whether you are cooking or baking, a stand
mixer could definitely help you out. That’s because you can attach so many different kinds of tools and equipment to creative innovative dishes.

We really like the variety of stand mixer attachments that KitchenAid has. They have a pasta roller and cutter, a food processor attachment, a spiralizer that lets you beautify your dish with spirals of fruit 

Stand mixer attachement

and veggies, and even an ice cream maker for some homemade gelato. With over 10 different types of attachments, the possibilities are endless.

This is an inspiration for the creative cook. Armed with all the tools and equipment that you need, you can try your hand at creating something new and different. But if you don’t want to crack your brain thinking about what to cook for dinner, just head over to KitchenAid’sblog – The Kitchenthusiast – to find recipes to whip up a delicious meal.


It’s a unique and thoughtful gift


No more meaningless gifts that do nothing for the receiver. A stand mixer is a gift that says “I’ve thought long and hard about what you might like, and handpicked this for you.” It stands out among the other gifts, making it a unique and creative gift that’s also very practical. That’s what you want to find in a gift.

Instead of another sweater or board game, gift a stand mixer to create memories for Christmas. It is a great opportunity for a family bonding activity, cooking and baking together to prepare for the holiday season. Such a heartwarming sight!

Is a birthday coming up? Give the gift of a new hobby. Encourage your loved ones to try out baking (it’s very therapeutic!). You are empowering them to try something they have never done and pick up a new skill along the way.


It looks like a piece of art


A KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer would sit beautifully in your kitchen, sleek, stylish and elegant. It’s a masterful piece of artwork that looks like a centerpiece that completes the room and performs like a skillful chef. A stand mixer this good looking, any couple with a new home would hope to get one for a housewarming gift.

The KitchenAid Artisan Series come in over 20 colors to choose from and even has the special pink ones to show support for the fight against breast cancer. Its stainless steel bowl has a handle that lets you hold it firmly, and has the capacity to mix 9 dozen cookies! Not only is it a looker, it does the job well too.


It’s a gift of independence


A stand mixer would also make the perfect gift for your teen daughter that’s going off to college. She now has to learn independence and cook for herself. A stand mixer would greatly assist in her learning curve, making cooking and baking a lot easier to handle. It also conveys that you trust she can be independent enough to take care of herself, and at the same time encourage her to create.

The Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer would be the perfect choice for a small college dorm room. It doubles up as both a hand mixer and stand mixer so you can use it for multiple purposes. The small frame and 4 quart stainless steel bowl doesn’t take up too much space and can be easily stowed away.

Another great option is the new KitchenAid Artisan mini stand mixer. It has the same power as the regular size stand mixer, but 20% smaller and 25% lighter. It also has a power hub for attachments if you want to multitask on it. The 3.5 quart bowl and slim frame makes it wonderful for a college student’s cooking and baking needs.


A gift that goes a long way


A stand mixer is more than just a useful gift. It’s the experience that you’re giving and memories that the receiver creates. Whoever you’re gifting to, it will definitely benefit the person. So for that special occasion, look no further – finding the best stand mixer is the ideal gift that goes a long way!


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