Top 10 Tips Of Using A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid mixer working

KitchenAid mixers are among the top-quality mixers available in the market. There are different types of mixers available depending upon the need of the customers. These comes in different ranges and features with price, capacity and other features keeps changing with the model type. KitchenAid manufactures these mixtures in different designs as well.Their highest rated mixer is not even the costliest in the market. All their variants possess simple design and embedded with convenient to use features. These are few reasons why KitchenAid is dominating the market when it comes to stand mixers.

There are plenty of benefits of using a stand mixer. You can use culinary dishes using supplement ingredients required for your favourite dish. The rigid power hubs are accessories worth having installed. The look of the KitchenAid mixer is simple, elegant and equipped with contemporary features. There are many variants to choose from depending on colour, bowl capacity speeds and more. It has around 10 available attachment accessories as well.

There are variety of mixers available like architect series, design series, artisan series, classic series, ultra-power, professional 600 and more. These mixers come in 0.3 KW motor making it more efficient and fast. The strong motor mixes things fast and thorough. Astainless-steel bowl is also given with it having capacity of 4.8 Litres. The grip handle is designed ergonomically which facilitates holding heavy batches of culinary operations quite comfortably.

With so many uses, it comes up with various tips and tricks. Here we will explain you several tips for better and more convenient functioning of the stand mixer.


1. Flexible Paddle Height

It is recommended to keep this attachment above the container being used. The paddle shouldn’t be below bowl’s bottom in any case. However, the height of the paddle is adjustable and can be aligned as per need. You can make use of a screwdriver for making any height related adjustments. There are ways to find out whether alignment is done correctly or not. If bowl is extremely high, you will hear metal colliding sound and if it’s extremely low, you hear nothing. You must check bottom of the blade to be sure whether it has inflicted any damage or not.Here is the step by step guide to rectify this:

· Safety first and foremost. Remove the plug first.

· Locate the adjusting screw for your model

· Now for lowering the bowl you will need to turn screw anticlockwise and vice versa for enhancing the height of the bowl.

· Now you can reattach the parts

· Recheck check the position of the attachments

· Finally, you can turn on the mixer and listen if any sounds are being made or not.


2. Hinge Tightening

This problem may arise at the metal pin. This is the spot where head is joined to the body of the mixer. Both are connected via hinge. It may happen that hinge commences to shift which may cause problem while making any dish. The ingredients may pop out. The perfect remedy for wobbly head is instructed as:

· Firstly, unplug the mixer and make sure you are not using it.

· Now take the bowl off

· You will see a screw on side of the mixer, begin to tighten it

· That’s it. You are done repairing

This is a simple trick to ensure smooth functioning of your mixer.


3. Use of Scraper Blade

Regular metal blade works fine, but it is recommended to buy a silicon scarper blade if one has not bought it with the mixer. The silicon edges resemble the work of high quality spatula (rubber, not steel) and you won’t have to unplug and do it yourselves. The scraper blade is dishwasher safe. It is also more durable than metal blade.


4. Use of Towel

The mixers are so powerful that they can pour out any ingredient and spoil your dress or even face as well. This can happen of you pour dough or any other ingredient in fast moving attachment. A simple precaution is to put a towel over bowl. Do this before switching on the mixer and you will see yourselves clean.


5. Storage of Attachment

It is quite sure that you can misplace any of the attachments easily as there are many. To avoid losing or damaging it, put all your attachments in the bowl. Whenever you use the mixer, put the attachments in shelf of the kitchen. After using, switch off the machine and put back all the attachments in the bowl.


6. Extra bowls and attachments

This is one of the tips which will save your time only if you are willing to put in few extra pennies. If you are making plenty of baked dishes, you should buy more bowls and attachments as well. This will reduce time as you don’t have to wait till first bowl is washed and cleaned. The other attachments may also eliminate wastage of time as these help in making cooking faster.


7. Spacing and Position

This simple tip can save you a lot of space and time as well. Keeping it right way will not only help you manage space but also save time as you can start instantly if everything is in order.

· Place a towel under it, this makes mobile. You can now easily shift the mixer wherever you want within the counters.

· Try to use it 2-3 times a day and then wash it for once only. You don’t have to clean it up each time you use it.


8. Dumping Flour

It has become the most common error that users do, they find it difficult to progressively add ingredients. Some people add all the ingredients at once which again causes problems. When mixer starts rotating, it throws the dough on the counters. Therefore, it is highly recommended to add ingredients one by one. It gives proper mixing.


9. Paint the Mixer

You can simply use spray paint to keep your mixer dirt free, rust free and colourful. Just remember to clean its body with sponge and use a good quality spray paint.


10. Greasing

Greasing makes any equipment run smoother, faster and enhance life cycle. The planetary housing and inside components require greasing from time to time. This process will certainly enhance your mixer’s life but it’s not that easy. You should open the mixer from bottom and locate planetary housing. Put grease on the edges of the ring and rotate it manually so that grease lubricates with the pattern. Greasing works the same as lubrication in car will ensure smooth functioning of the mixer.


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